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Charles Henry

Charles Henry

Charles, a DoD employee for over 27 years, retired from Federal Service on 1 May 2009.

  • While Mr. Henry was a Government Employee, he was the lead technical expert in designing, engineering, integration, managing and training others in the use of transportable laboratories used to detect and analyze biological, chemical, radiological and high explosive materials.
  • Mr. Henry designed, engineered and developed analytical components, tools and methods that substantially enhanced the performance of forensic quality on-site analysis.
  • He was responsible for the development of chemical and biological sampling kits, related in core technology but individually tailored to specific customer's operational requirements.
  • Additionally, he performed all work ardent to the constructs of quality assurance and quality control in design, development and chemical and biological measurement criteria (ISO 9001:2000 and Guide 17025).

US ARMY RDECOM, ECBC 1995 - 2009

  • Demonstrated original work in packaging engineering, computer software engineering, development of training packages, and the evaluation of chemical detectors.
  • Designed / modified instruments for portable low-level chemical and biological monitors and detectors. Developed software for detectors, allowing for the protection of physical and intellectual property.
  • Lead technical consultant on military and commercial detector systems for chemical and biological warfare materials.
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